Clean and Crisp White Kitchen Design, Malibu Style!

White remains the timeless color of choice for kitchens. It’s simplicity, fresh and classic look never fails to charm its homeowners and house guests. Whether your kitchen design preference is traditional, transitional, cottage or contemporary, one can never go wrong using white as their dominant color palette.

I am guilty of having a Malibu white kitchen design at my home, and I am purely in love everything about it. The ambiance of crisp whites keeps me motivated in preparing meals for my family and keeping it clean and organized.


To keep white as the standout color, I opted for white lacquered cabinetry, drawers, and pull-outs. The woodwork is all in the contemporary style that makes it streamlined and neat looking. Handle bars are made with long, shiny silver metal that complements the drawers and glass door cabinets.

The kitchen backsplash is made of white tiles that are very easy to clean and wash. I kept it simple yet chic and add accent vases beside the window. For ventilation and natural light to freely flow into the kitchen, I strongly advise installing a full window. Place the window near or at the sink area to have a view while washing the dishes.


What’s great about having a white kitchen design is its versatility to apply sharp contrasts as its accents. The center kitchen island, made from the custom woodwork and in natural finish creates an undeniably exquisite centerpiece. It blends well with the brown wall painting to give depth to the kitchen.

If you know me too well as a Los Angeles interior designer, you’ll probably see my trademark on my Malibu design projects. I am a huge fan of prints, and almost all designs have interesting prints on them. To give the white kitchen a little flair and personality, I ordered a custom-made chair in Batik pattern from Architexture. Fresh, clean and interestingly simple, a white kitchen never fails to keep me smile.


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