Start with a Complimentary Interior Design Consultation

Congratulations!  You have decided you need an interior designer to make your home livable!  Owning a home is a big accomplishment for most people. But having a home that reflects your personality and style is way up there on the Hierarchy of Needs and creative self expression.  Unfortunately, most of us do not have the skills to do this on our own so we rely on the experts – interior designers.  


We recommend you start the process of working with an Interior Designer with a complimentary interior design consultation. There are several keys to identifying who can help you express yourself in the most authentic and affordable manner.  It is good to consider these when interviewing for a complimentary consultation.

  1. Find a Designer you like to be with. A good Designer gets pretty personal in their understanding of your life and lifestyle so make sure you feel comfortable sharing with them and letting them into your life.  
  2. Find a Designer who is not afraid of challenges. Any professional comes with opinions and experiences but a true professional can accept a challenge to those opinions. Sometimes the most wonderful results come from challenging the standard answers.
  3. Find a Designer whose work you love. Look through for their galleries and projects.  Keep in mind that they work for the client so it is not always a reflection of their personal taste. However, if they are able to create beautiful spaces with a variety of clients, then you have a winning designer.
  4. Find a Designer who respects your budget. This is critical. Regardless of the project, there are opportunities to either honor your budget constraints or push the envelope. All designers can satisfy you when there are no price constraints. But working within the budget is key to making the project successful.  

Now that you know what to look for, the question is where to find the right interior designer and how to get a complimentary consultation  Many stores offer what they term as complimentary services. For example, Architexture, a furniture store along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City offers in-store interior design services. In addition, their lead interior designer, Abby Rose, offers interior design consultation in the areas of Studio City, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area.


Some of Abby’s residential interior design projects are based on different inspirations. She works with transitional, modern, contemporary, traditional and eclectic designs. She also has decorated several home settings from beach houses, pool houses, bachelor’s apartments and condominiums. Her expertise and keen eye for color, texture and space proportions come from a fashion design background which focused on the details often overlooked by others. Owning an interior design store, allows her access to custom furniture and all the new trends in the industry. She can cater all your home furnishing needs and find what you are looking for.

If you’re planning to redecorate and live in the Los Angeles area especially, Malibu, Studio City, Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, simply call 818-900-2891 or email to get a complimentary interior design consultation.


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