Can I Afford Interior Design Malibu On a Budget?

Creating stylish interior design in Malibu requires talent. Some lucky people have the natural skills and capability to design their own homes.  Or one can enroll in interior design classes to learn the basics and foundation of home decorating. But most of us will need to hire a professional to do the job. The question is, can you afford their services?


Most new house owners hesitate to hire an interior designer. Most likely because of the price they charge for interior design services. Not all high-end designers or decorators charge a high rate or make the project unobtainable due to pricing. Many designers follow a guideline to develop an acceptable quotation based on the material, type, score, and duration of a project. If a homeowner knows what he or she wants to improve or change, the cost of a designer is usually a good investment.  If a homeowner does not know what they want to change, then a designer is definitely a good investment! Below are some tips on how to stay on budget when hiring a designer.

Tips for an Affordable Interior Design Malibu Services

#1 Decide which room to update.

Are you happy with what you see in inside your home? One of the essential steps to do before hiring a designer is to identify which rooms to update. This step will enable you to focus on a particular room, giving you more time to brainstorm what you want to improve. Being ‘decided’ will help you save time, money and effort during the construction phase.

#2 Talk to your contractor or designer.

The interior designer must establish rapport to gain your trust. If everything goes smoothly on your first meeting, make sure to talk about the project improvements you’d like to see. Being open about your wants and needs makes the process easier. It will give them an idea about aspects of the overall decor they’ll focus on to achieve your desired look. Make it a point to talk your budget.

#3 Listen to their recommendations.

Not everything you like can be achieved especially with a limited budget. However, try to listen to the professional’s recommendations and get a designer’s perspective. They’re experts in this field and trusting their directions can lead to the unexpected beautiful outcome. Although not all their ideas may be right or fit your preference, you can always compromise.

#4 Look for alternatives.

An interior designer likes to showcase the best of the best. But a limited budget means you can always ask for the option. An antique glass display cabinet is beautiful, but you can choose to have a custom-made functional cabinet built with extra features instead. The price may be the same or even less! Always ask for alternatives especially for materials and finishes. You can save a lot of money by just doing this step.

#5 Stick with the plan and your budget.

To keep your interior design Malibu project affordable, make sure to live up to your decision and budget. Extra add-ons may lead to additional expenses. Stick to the main plan until it is delivered. You can always do the extras through DIYs during your spare time.

Abby Rose:

Abby Rose, a top interior designer, provides residential home decorating services in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, and greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years in the fashion and interior design industry in addition to the ownership of Architexture, an interior design store, rest assured you’ll get the best for your home interior. For Malibu and the Los Angeles area interior design and custom furniture, contact us for an interior design consultation.


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