Residential Design Services for Los Angeles Home Interiors

What does residential design services usually include? The design services for residential homes is limitless – from color consultation, flooring, space planning, kitchen, baths to wall decor and accessories. Are you a new homeowner looking for help making a house your home? Hiring an interior designer can help you improve your entire home interior.

Interior designers and contractors work hand-in-hand to assist you in every choice you make for your design needs. An interior designer who provides complete residential design services gives you a hassle-free experience so you can focus on important matters like family, work and home.


Local designers and contractors usually work on an appointment basis to provide you uninterrupted time. However, during these meetings, they make sure to get important decisions that are crucial to your home design such as choice of color for wall treatments, selection of fabrics for custom furniture, color coordination and the list goes on.

Scope of Residential Design Services

#1 Color Consultation

Many people are afraid to try bright and bold colors. If you’re one those people who is afraid to use much color, you can seek the help of an interior designer to balance your color choices throughout the entire interior. If you tend to be overly bold, a designer can help make your color choices harmonize instead of compete.

#2 Space Planning

Functionality and high flow is a critical element of a home design. An impressive interior designer has an undeniably great eye to determine the best arrangement for your furniture. He or she makes sure that every piece of furniture has a good flow and serves its functions.

#3 Fabric Selections

Furnishing is among the essential elements of a home. The right material choice for the upholstered chairs and sofa matters. It should also be practical and aesthetically appealing. If you’re a pet parent, interior decorators will recommend using micro velvet fabric. It’s an attractive choice for upholstery because of its durability and easy to clean – even stains!

#4 Wall and Window Treatments

There are various choices when it comes to wall and window treatments which make it a daunting decision to make. With the help of an experienced interior designer, they can recommend the best type of draperies, window shutters, or even recommend using a grass cloth to create a beautiful backdrop of a room. Whatever suits your lifestyle, a designer will recommend the most appropriate wall and window treatments to their clients.

#5 Furniture Selection

A home design requires not only style but also functionality that fits the lifestyle of the homeowner. Critical furniture selection should be a combined effort for both the homeowner and interior designer.

Overall residential design services by a qualified designer bring your home to life and help you add your personal touch in the most appealing manner.

Abby Rose:

Abby Rose, a top interior designer, provides residential home decorating services in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, and greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years in the fashion and interior design industry in addition to the ownership of Architexture, an interior design store, rest assured you’ll get the best for your home interior. For Malibu and the Los Angeles area interior design and custom furniture, contact us for an interior design consultation.


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