Complimentary Interior Design Consultation in Malibu

Achieve the beautiful home interior you’ve always wanted with an interior design consultant in Malibu. If you’re wondering about the total cost it will take you to achieve your dream home, seek the help of a professional.


Speaking to an interior design professional will also help you realize that hiring one is not expensive. Most interior designers follow a standardized fee structure for every design project. If you have a limited budget, don’t be afraid to talk upfront to your consultant. Designers are very resourceful and can work on a shoestring budget.

What to Expect in an Interior Design Consultation

There are a handful of homeowners that have not been able to have a discussion with an interior designer. If you’re one of the many people who will seek an initial consultation with a design professional, here are the stages and what to expect from the appointment:

  • Introduction – Even though it’s explanatory, every professional should be able to introduce himself or herself to the client fully. Establishing rapport and a contractor-client relationship is critical during the first meeting. One can expect a casual yet professional conversion during the early stages of interior design consultation.
  • Exchange of interests – Every interior designer should be able to ask what their client’s interests are precisely. From there, he or she can assess and make recommendations on how both parties will plan the course of action when designing the home’s interior.
  • Discussion – When rapport and exchange of thoughts happens, discussion on the design project continues. Often, the client is asked which design approach best suits their family’s lifestyle and preferences. An interior designer will question if they wanted a modern, contemporary home, a traditional house, a cottage or farmhouse style, or a beach house.
  • The scope of the project – Upon style choice, it is also mandatory to discuss the extent of the project. Does your home need a complete interior upgrade? Or do you only want to remodel some areas of your home like the kitchen, living area or bathroom?
  • Budget – Every interior design consultation opens budget allocation of the client for a design project. At this point, the client should be able to pinpoint the improvements he or she wants to see and set a budget.

Hiring an interior designer is not an extra expense or a luxury. It’s a sound investment for your home. Let the professionals handle what you thought you could do. If you’re looking for a top interior designer in Malibu, you can trust Abby Rose.

Abby Rose:

Abby Rose, a top Malibu interior designer, provides residential home decorating services in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, and greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years in the fashion and interior design industry in addition to the ownership of Architexture, an interior design store, rest assured you’ll get the best for your home interior. For Studio City and the Los Angeles area interior design and custom furniture, contact Abby at 818-900-2891 for an interior design consultation.


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