Chic Home Office Design by a Malibu Interior Designer

In today’s modern world, working from home is a growing trend that is suitable for working moms and many more. A home office provides an essential private space to  think, get creative and be inspired. Abby Rose, a Malibu interior designer, has designed several chic and vibrant home office.

Malibu Interior Designer – A Bold and Vibrant Home Office

Decorating with bright and bold colors is risky, but with the help of a Malibu interior designer, everything can fall into place. A home office should be an area where a person can stay calm and be motivated. Splashes of colors can inspire and enable one to get motivated.


However, in a recent recent home office design, Abby used a beautifully patterned wallpaper as her prominent room statement. Since the paper decor offers such a visual story, she only used it on one side of the wall to prevent overpowering the chamber. The other three wall are the same turquoise color to even out the ambiance.

Adding furniture is tricky but since Abby’s client says no to boring beiges, our Malibu interior designer chose a custom made fuschia pink love seat. She topped it off with a turquoise pillow for added decor and comfort.

Adjacent to the love seat is a place where you can write or put a computer. An efficient office space requires ample amount of storage. The citron yellow cabinet and bookshelves offer enough room to store all files, books, relevant documents and other clutter.

An eclectic and bold approach in interior design can be tricky. But with the help of a professional, all the things, colors and patterns you want for your home office can be harmonized. “Don’t be afraid of patterns on patterns or mixing intense colors,” Abby Rose says. “It can be done successfully. It’s all a matter of balance.”

What are you waiting for? Call and get help of the Malibu interior designer and let her help you achieve a beautiful home office you always wanted.

Abby Rose Interior Designer:

Abby Rose, a top interior designer, provides residential home decorating services in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, and greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years in the fashion and interior design industry in addition to the ownership of Architexture, an interior design store, rest assured you’ll get the best for your home interior. For Studio City and the Los Angeles area interior design and custom furniture, contact Abby for an interior design consultation.


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