Interior Design Malibu Trends for This Year

Interior design Malibu continually changes every season and year. Malibu is one of the hottest real estate spots in California; homeowners are savvy and keep up with the latest trends. For 2018, we’ll likely see a substantial shift regarding color palettes from heavy grey hues to earthy pastel colors.

interior design Malibu

Read on as we give you a rundown of the latest interior design trends in Malibu to keep your home trendy, stylish and classic throughout the year.

2018 Trends for Interior Design Malibu

Most designers start to promote practical yet utilitarian contemporary interiors that can give families a comfortable and welcoming space. Current interior design Malibu trends aim to improve communication between family members, relatives, and house guests. Hence, an open floor plan has become a staple in almost every home. It encourages people to engage, communicate and entertain effortlessly.

Although a white kitchen is perfect for every home, families with children agree that keeping the tiles, floors, cabinets, and countertops present a significant challenge. Interior designers predict that families with children will still want an efficient kitchen but with a dash of color to create a personalized appeal. A rise in the use of pastel colors is imminent as they bring a resort-inspired style perfect for any Malibu beach house.

Homeowners are now woken up by the idea of how high the return on investment a bathroom remodeling project can be. A rising trend of having a spa-like bathroom on-suite has been a top list of most homeowners these days. Remodeling your bath to match your favorite spa amenities not only boosts your home’s resale value but you also get to enjoy and relax in the comfort of your home. Steam showers, body jets, and whirlpool tubs are one of those treats you can gift to yourself and family.

Metals and polish hardware are great accents to add to any room. Metals such as copper, chrome, titanium, and brass can be incorporated into kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Metals combined with wood or rattans are still great accents to add in bedrooms, living room and dining areas.

The current interior design Malibu trends lean to have a stylish yet utilitarian living space that a family can gather and enjoy. If you need help in redecorating your home to keep it trendy and stylish this 2018 and beyond, you can count on Abby Rose!

About Abby Rose:

Abby Rose, a top interior designer, providing residential home interior design consultation near Studio City, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years in the fashion and interior design industry in addition to the ownership of Architexture, an interior design store, rest assured you’ll get the best for your home interior. For Pacific Palisades and the Los Angeles area interior design and custom furniture, contact Abby for an interior designer in Pacific Palisades consultation.


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